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Our Mission

OSA basketball strives to create life-long opportunities for youth through basketball. We do so through a combination of:

  • Recruiting boys and girls, typically ages 8 to 18 from the Washington DC, San Antonio Areas, with strong basketball abilities and academic drive

  • Providing superior training and coaching throughout the year

  • Participating in the top basketball tournaments in North America, Preparing athletes for HS, and Elite level summer competition. 

  • Creating access to willing and able role models who guide the players through broader life decisions, often well after they leave the program

  • Create a strong mental health program, that fosters a high performing mentality 


Investing in the players as people by instilling strong principles, work ethic and ensuring they are ready for life post-basketball. 


All members of the OSA family are required to subscribe to the following

5 principles:

  • Faith above all 

  • Focus on your goal and run your own race 

  • Preparation is being ready for good and bad 

  • Control your emotions maintain professionalism 

  • Stay resilient and never give up 


1. To fund scholarships in order to make our programs available to all youth.

2. To instill the value of faith, discipline, respect, hard work, responsibility, teamwork and heart.

3. To provide the highest quality basketball instruction programs.


(1) Faith

(2) Focus

(3) Discipline

(4) Hard Work

(5) Teamwork

(6) Responsibility

(7) Respect

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