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Intermediate Basketball Training 

Now that you have a solid grasp on the basics fundamentals it's time to polish them and take them to the next level. Our intermediate group basketball program focuses on perfecting the fundamental skills of the student athlete. We perform more intricate drills that will require balance, speed, footwork and focus. Coaches will challenge and push the student athlete outside of their comfort zone.

But we don't stop there, our performance training also gets more intense and demanding as the athletes is required to perform faster times with more resistance allowing us to push their limits in a controlled atmosphere.

OSA Elite Basketball Training can help you improve your skills

Here is what you can expect

  • Improve control over the ball

  • Improve weak hand quickly

  • Build a vast arsenal of moves

  • Gain confidence with the basketball

  • Be effective off the dribble in games

  • Develop proper dribble mechanics and habits

  • Get past defenders, breakdown defenders, keep defenders on their heels

  • Aggressive driving to the basket

  • Build an explosive first step

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