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Group Beginner Skills Training 

It all starts here! Our beginner group class curriculum provides more focused attention to help your child quickly develop the proper fundamentals of basketball including innovative drills focus on proper technique, speed, and control, helping your child move around the court with ease.

In addition, your child will also build confidence and learn life skills through a positive, enthusiastic, and fun training environment. Each week we emphasize a different skill- dribbling, shooting, defense, 1-on-1 moves, lay ups, and more.


OSA Elite Basketball Training can help you improve your skills

Here is what you can expect

  • Improve ball control

  • Develop proper dribble mechanics and habits

  • Gain confidence with the basketball

  • Proper shooting form

  • Competitive drills

  • Performance and Conditioning

  • Proper footwork

  • All in a high energy, enthusiastic enviroment!

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