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Boys & Girls 

grades: 1st - 5th 

grades: 6th - 8th  

Improve Ball Handling

Considerable time will be spent on your dribbling and passing skills — allowing you to reduce turnovers, handle any game situation, improve decision making, and improve overall ball handling skill.

Improve Decision Making 

A major emphasis of the combine will be to improve decision making using Eyecan’s BDT (Basketball Decision Training) methods. You will improve your ability to think and act in decisive ways. The unique decision making drills and skills will help you perform under pressure at the highest level.

Improve 1 on 1 moves 

You will learn how to beat your defender off the dribble, when to attack, how to create space, and how to develop a more explosive first move. In today’s game, so many players misuse the dribble. They use it and lose their advantage against the defense. You will learn how to effectively use the dribble and cover more space with fewer dribbles at a faster pace.

Improve Shooting 

Shooting is a critical skill to be an effective player. You’ll learn our keys to effective shooting and experience a variety of shooting drills to help you improve accuracy and ability to score points.

Improve Confidence

During the combine, we will teach the mental aspects of the game, help you build confidence, and become more aggressive. You will learn how to train your mind not just physical skills.

Gain Confidence 

One of the biggest benefits to the training combine is the development of a confident attacking mindset. The drills, tools, and knowledge you’ll receive at the camp will help you become more aggressive and assertive in games.


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