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About OSA 


Our Mission:
To build character and shape lives through the game of basketball.

Our Vision:
To inspire youth to become exemplary citizens.
Our Values:
(1) To fund scholarships in order to make our programs available for all youth.
(2) To instill the values of faith, discipline, respect, hard work, responsibility, teamwork and heart.
(3) To provide the highest quality basketball teaching programs.



The OUTWRK SKILLS ACADEMY is a comprehensive year-round basketball training program comprised of a variety of learning opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Our unique program consists of camps, mini-camps, clinics, coaches clinics, weekly skills academies, winter leagues, travel/AAU teams and private and group instruction.


Each program is detailed and disciplined in its planning and approach. The OSA basketball teaching curriculum is aimed at helping each participant develop a love for the game of basketball, work toward real improvement on the court and beyond, and carry out the OSA mission of building character and shaping lives through the game of basketball.


OSA is a organization based on Christian values, founded on and led by Biblical principles.  However, there is no aim to proselytize - those of all philosophies/religions are embraced.  The basis of our mission comes from a desire to follow a calling to joyfully and humbly serve our Lord by serving members of our community and demonstrating proper leadership in character for our youth and their families.

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